Expert Wasp Nest Removal Services in Edmonton

If you are noticing too many wasp flying around your home or yard, there is high chance that there is big wasp nest nearby. Unlike bees, wasps are more dangerous and their sting can direct take a person to the hospital. So if you see a wasp nest in your home or garden, immediately call Maritime Pest Control Inc. for professional wasp nest removal and wasp extermination services in Edmonton. We have over 30 years of experience in wasp nest removal. Wasps are dangerous insects and their nest can remain active for months this increases the risk of getting stung by a wasp. So do not delay or try to remove the nest all by yourself, give us a call and we’ll take care it from there. 


Before calling, be sure to learn more about pest information and how to prepare your home for an extermination or removal.

About Wasp Nests

As we all know how dangerous a single wasp can be, now imagine having a swarm of wasps around your home. Dealing with large number of wasps involves a lot of risk and life threating if attacked. A single nest may contain thousands of wasps which can swarm and attack if disturbed. A queen wasp builds the nest during spring weather later the workers lay their nest and take over. Their nest can be grow really big and is usually located under the roof eaves, attics, and sheds. It is recommended to remove the nest as early as possible because by the end of summer wasps get aggressive. 

Professional Wasp Nest Removal Services in Edmonton
If you want to get rid of wasp problem completely is by terminating the root cause of the problem that is the wasp nest. But while removing the nest wasps get really aggressive and attack in swarm. So do not risk yourself, call us and we’ll take care of the rest. We have a team of trained and skilled technicians that can safely carry out the wasp nest removal process. The process details:

We will inspect and locate the nest. Our team will move you and your family to a safe spot. Once the area is clear we’ll begin with the removal process. We will have protective to gear to make sure our technicians are protected from stings during the process. Often, we'll start by exterminating the wasps. Once the colony is cleared, we will completely remove the nest. The nest should be removed to avoid a new wasp’s colony to use it in the future. Our team will also advice you on how to avoid a wasp problem.

Wasp Vs Bee Facts 

Q. How are wasps different from bees?

A. Both wasps and bees belong to Hymenoptera order and the differences include:

     1. Wasps do not collect pollen, bees do

     2. Wasp nests are made up of paper, while bees make their nest with wax

     3. Wasps can sting multiple times; bees on the other hand, sting once

Q. Can a wasp sting me if it is dead?
A. Yes. The venom sac at the end of the wasp still keeps pulsing for a short period after it dies.

Contact Us for Wasp Nest Removal
Maritime Pest Control Inc. has been helping the residents of Edmonton with wasp next removal services. We have successfully annihilated the wasp problem from many homes and buildings. With our latest techniques and methods, we can safely remove any size wasp nest. If you notice any wasp activity in or around your home, be quick to give us a call. We will immediately arrive at the spot and start with the next removal procedure. Book a consultation with our team today.

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