Professional Fumigation Services in Edmonton

Get ready of all the tiny critters and bugs from your home by hiring Maritime Pest Control Inc’s professional fumigation services in Edmonton. If you are noticing small bloodstains on your bed covers or do you see holes in your wood furniture. It probably means that your home is need of fumigation services. Contact us and our team will come to your place for a thorough pest inspection. If we find out signs of bug infestation in your home, we’ll perform an effective and safe fumigation service in your home. Our fumigation service is fully licensed and up to the safety standards. Our team will walk you through the process and tell things that are expected from your side. Yes! There are a few things which need to be carried out by you such as:

  • Keeping your all pets outside the house
  • Removing all the plants and floras from your home
  • Sealing up your food items and storage areas 
  • Moistening the ground for installation of tent
  • Stay out of the home until the procedure is complete

Domestic Fumigation Procedure
After you have completed your end of the task, we will start with our fumigation services in Edmonton. First, we will carry out all the safety measures to ensure fumigation is carried out safely and efficiently. Second, our team will cover your home with a tent that is sealed tight. But there will some ventilation so that the gas can be released after the procedure is complete. We will fumigate every corner of your house and ensure the gas penetrates the wood and exterminates most pests.

Why is Fumigation Important?

Pest like ants, cockroaches, and rodents can be eliminated by using other methods. But there some tiny critters like bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and termites (wood-damaging insects) that require fumigation. These pests cannot be exterminated easily by using simple remedies. Here are some of the reasons why home fumigation is necessary:

  • Terminates Pests of All Life Stages:
    • When you use sprays only the adult critters are eliminated but the larvae will be unaffected. Our licensed fumigation services in Edmonton will eliminate all the pests in your home irrespective of their life cycle. The fumigation service will clear your home from all kinds of pests, larvae, and pupae permanently. 
  • Fumigation Acts Immediately
    • There are few pests that require baiting which takes several days or weeks to eliminate the infestation. But if you choose to fumigate your home, it will act instantaneously. It will spread through the home and starts eliminating pests immediately. You can kill all your pests within a single swoop.
  • Fumigation is Thorough
    • Pests find safe spots to build their nest and colonies. These spots are extremely hard to reach and even harder to terminate them. That is why our fumigation penetrates every crevice in your structure. The gas will reach out to any hidden nest and annihilate it.

Licensed Fumigation Services in Edmonton

We have been providing fumigation services to residential properties for many years. We have trained and experienced professionals that can effectively carry out fumigation in your home. Contact us to learn more about our fumigation procedure or to book a fumigation services for your home.

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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