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Finding a bug in your home can make you feel like there is an entire colony somewhere. There are various types of bugs such as wasps, bees, cockroaches and bed bugs; their presence can lead to the spread of diseases like skin infection. If you have this problem, Maritime Pest Control Inc. is here to help. Our team of professionals are well-equipped to provide you with effective bug control services in Edmonton. With more than 37 years of experience, we have dealt with every kind of household pest.

The Factors Behind The Bug Problem

Most people believe that a bug infestation occurs only in unhygienic conditions - this is a misconception. They can survive in any environment, as long as they have access to a food source. Below are a few factors which lead to this:

  • Human Carriers: Humans are the main culprit for bringing these creatures into homes. For example, insects and spiders may get into your jacket, shoe or bag and end up wherever you go.
  • Change in Weather: Extreme weather conditions can force bugs in your houses for shelter. They thrive in warmer climate, including ticks that carry the fatal Lyme disease.

How Do You Minimize the Problem?

There is no sure way to keep pests from coming inside your space. But, a little diligence can help minimize it:

  • Keep Your Surroundings Clean: General cleanliness is the first step. Sealing your food packages and cleaning your kitchen counters will greatly help.
  • Look Out: For pests like bed bugs, you must check your bed and nightstand regularly. Flipping your mattress can help spot their telltale signs.
  • Get Sticky Traps: As a precautionary step, you can set traps for the ones lurking around. Use paper or cardboard with glue on the side facing up to catch them.

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