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Ways to Deter Wasps From Nesting on Your Property

Summer is approaching, the most enjoyable season of the year — and it's important to keep it that way.

Don't let your favorite season be ruined by pests. Wasp nests in North America have been recorded to contain up to 15,000 wasps, so they're no joke if not removed quickly.


The best practice? Prevention.

Rather than wait until the wasps have taken over and you have to give their nest a wide berth, you should try to prevent them from ever settling down around your home.

The stings are nasty, and there'll be no relaxing on your porch in the sun with these insects around. Fortunately, there are many solid prevention methods — and there's amazing wasp nest removal Edmonton if wasp prevention fails.


1. Use Natural Deterrents

When it comes to how to keep wasps away, the best place to start is actually with natural deterrents.

Wasps tend to be attracted to sweet smalls so rather than have those in abundance, try some aromatic herbs. 

You can also use a fake wasp nest to deter another from being built. Wasps are naturally territorial creatures and will be put off your backyard if they think another swarm has settled. 


2. Keep an Eye out for Wasp Nests

The earlier in Spring you catch a wasp nest, the easier it's going to be to get rid of.

Check all of the places that wasps might find it appealing to build a nest. This includes garages, bins, and any dark corner that they might be settling.

If you spot a wasp's nest when there are only a few, it's much less invasive, and the removal process is going to be far more painless than if you have a large one with thousands of wasps. 


3. Maintain Your Yard

Keep wasps away by making sure your bins are secure and don't leave sugary drinks or sweets out in the yard.

Wasps are attracted to these kinds of things. It can be tempting to get lazy in Spring when the heat is starting to make it impossible to dredge up the motivation to tidy up, but it's important not to fall into bad habits.

That's a 'welcome' sign for the wasps, as well as many other pests.


4. Keep Your Home Secure

As well as your yard, it's important to keep your home secure. 

If you have a loft you rarely use, it's time to ensure it's sealed up, and it should be checked on once in a while.

You'd be amazed at the ways wasps can find to get into your home. Sometimes, the best way of preventing wasps is just upping your security.  


If All Else Fails, Contact Us for Wasp Nest Removal Edmonton

Remember, wasps don't die after one sting! They're not fun to be around and if you've left it too late and the nest is there, it's time to call in the professionals from Maritime Pest Control Inc.


Wasp nest removal Edmonton might be necessary if you didn't know what to look out for to prevent the wasps, or if they slipped past you anyway. It happens.


For a quote or to discuss options, contact us! It's never too late — don't let the pests take over your life.