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Three Signs you have Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

Bedbugs are most active during night and they bite people and animals when they’re sleeping. They move fast on floors and ceilings and hence, are difficult to detect and exterminate.

We at Maritime Pest Control Inc. have been dealing with bed bug extermination in Edmonton for over 37 years now. Our services include bug extermination, rodent removal, and pigeon control.


Three signs of bed bug infestation in your mattress are:


  1. Red bite marks on your body


People generally don’t realize they have a bed bug problem until they notice bite marks on their bodies. If you have red welts in small clusters on your skin, they’re definitely bed bug bites. Bed bugs even leave bite marks in straight rows. Even though their bites don’t cause any major diseases, they can be quite annoying and itchy. Scratching them can lead to infections as well.


2. Stains on your bed


As bed bugs feed on human blood, they leave behind blood stains on your bed, which look like tiny rust spots. You can mostly find stains like these in corners of your bed. Also, look for oval-shaped brown exoskeletons as bed bugs tend to shed their skin as they mature. Bed bug extermination depends on identifying the hiding corners of bed bugs.


3. Unpleasant odour


If you get an unpleasant and musty odour from your bed, it is possibly due to bed bug infestation. When in large numbers, they release a chemical called pheromone, which has a strong smell. So, if you find your room stinking like a wet towel, it’s time for bug inspection.

Bed bugs pierce through the skin with their elongated beak and after they’re done, they leave unnoticed. Bedbugs might be hiding under your clothes, mattress or bed frames. If you are looking for bed bug extermination in Edmonton, contact Maritime Pest Control Inc..