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5 Tips on Basement Bug and Pest Prevention

As the temperatures drop, creatures of all kinds seek shelter. This can create a pest problem when insects and rodents choose your home for warmth.


Unwanted pests can destroy your home and harm you, your family, or your pets. Though can infest any area of the house, many pests settle in the basement.


Read on to learn pest prevention tips to keep creepy critters out of your basement and the rest of your home.



A clean home appears less appealing to bugs and rodents. For preventative pest control in Edmonton, keep your house clean from top to bottom.


Skipping areas like the basement and attic can backfire because those spaces make the best hiding spots. Clean can carry different meanings for people, so let's clear up any confusion.


Eliminate clutter. Piles of stuff make great nesting spots for pests who want to hide.


Keep floors swept, vacuumed, and mopped. Crumbs and spills will attract all sorts of critters.


Take out the garbage regularly. Waste will attract a host of insects, mice, and rats.


Keep the Basement Dry

Bugs like dark and damp spaces, where they can sustain life. To name a few, centipedes, silverfish, and cockroaches all tend to enjoy moisture. The mould that grows from dampness will also attract mites.


To discourage these bugs from coming in, keep your basement dry. Watch for signs of water damage in hidden spaces and patch up any leaks.


Store Firewood Outside

In order to keep firewood dry and effective, many people will store it in their basements. Find another spot for it for bug prevention.


Firewood indoors only invites a host of pests. Like ants, certain insects lay their eggs in wood, some, like termites, use it as a food source, and others, like spiders, will hide in it.


Instead, store it outdoors and cover it. Keep it away from the house, or else insects may still make their way inside from it.


Seal Foundational Cracks

Look around your home on the outside and inside for any cracks in the foundation. Even the tiniest openings will make it easy for pests to slip inside. Tightly seal any you find as soon as possible.


Call for Advanced Pest Control Prevention

If you live in an area prone to pest problems, you may need extra help with prevention. Hire a professional to set traps and keep critters out.


If you do notice bugs in your basement, do not let the problem persist. Insects and other critters tend to reproduce at an alarming rate.


Call Maritime Pest Control for help in removing the pests to prevent the situation from escalating. This will save you money in the long run and offer you peace of mind.


Pest Prevention Is Imperative

Taking pest prevention measures will save you time and money. It will keep your family safe and your home comfortable.


Though you can lessen the risk of an infestation, sometimes even the best efforts fail to keep pests away. If you run into a problem, contact us for your free pest consultation.